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Welcome at my American car register.
Here do you find 2737 american car pictures I made in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the last couple of years.
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About me
Thank you for visiting my website. I am Stefan Pouw and since 2012 I have been working on the project 'American car registry Netherlands'. My purpose is to photograph as many different American cars as possible. In the beginning I kept this register for myself, but now the database has become so large that I want to share it with the world. Cars are often customized over the years and therefore deviate from the original condition. It is therefore possible that a photographed car no longer corresponds completely with the specifications from the factory. If there are deviations, I usually report this to the car in question. The idea is that I see each car myself, photograph it and then look up as much information about the car as possible through the original brochures, usually through lov2xlr8.no, oldcarbrochures.com and wikipedia as main resources.

The car events that I visit are mostly located in The Netherlands, Belgium and the western part of Germany.

Do you have a American car that is missing in my register or do you have a tip, comment or question? You can mail me at: info@amerikaanseautoregister.nl